Michael Wong, artist



artist: ​Michael Wong, Arbor vitae (detail),  Drawing on paper                                                                                                                           2011


Artist Statement 

As an artist, I create work to investigate the mythologies that connect Eastern and Western history. My drawings address the ways these specific cultures visually represented archetypal ideas such as life, death, divinity, status, and power over the centuries.  Each period of human development spanning from the ancient past to the present, interpreted these ideas in ways conducive to their respective civilizations and, as a result, have accrued a history of visual representation.  I use these archetypes and their evolution as the lens to examine our collective experience throughout time and place. 

Drawing, for me, technically is a means to gather and stitch together imagery from various sources. Conceptually, drawing allows for imagery from different historical periods and locations to exist in the same pictorial space, an ideal format to capture shifting perspectives in global history.
I want to create elusive and intriguing images that entice the viewer to experience collisions between historical fact, wild conjecture and mythology.