Michael Wong, artist


2009    MFA: Sculpture and Drawing, University of Minnesota, Twin Cities, May 2009

2003    MEd:  University of Minnesota, Twin Cities, May 2004                                               

2003    Art Ed: University of Minnesota, Twin Cities, certification K–12, June 2003

1998     BA: Lawrence University, Appleton, WI. June 1998                  



-Structures of the Mind, Southern Utah University Gallery, Cedar City, UT (solo)


- Group Exhibition, Scuola Internazionale di Graphica, Venice Italy

- Northern Spark Festival, Minneapolis, MN

- Whittier Artists in Storefronts, Raw spaces, Minneapolis, MN


-The Nature of Romance, Stevens Center for the Arts, Minneapolis, MN, February

-Translations, An Exhibition of Creative Capital, Gallery 13, Minneapolis, MN, February


-Visions of History, Riverview Art Space, Lynchburg Virginia, March 5-April 25 (solo)

-Opium Dreams, Central Lakes College Gallery, Brainerd, MN, January 19th-February 11 (solo)

-Vital Culture, An Exhibition of Art and Design, Gallery 13, Minneapolis MN, January


- Sanlun Yishu, Juried Group Exhibition, 798 Arts District, Beijing, China, May

- AAM IV, Juried Group Exhibition, Andrews Art Museum, Andrews, North Carolina, September

- Thesis II Exhibition, Katherine E. Nash Gallery, Regis Art Center, Minneapolis, MN, May

- Urban Legends and Rural Myths, Juried Group Exhibition, Stewart Center Gallery, Purdue    

   University, West Lafayette, Indiana, March (Catalogue)


- The Hand does what the Heart Cannot, Gallery 13, Minneapolis, MN, November (solo)

- Myths for Our Modern World, Ahrnsbrak Gallery, Wausau, WI, October 6-27 (solo)

-  Boynton Health Center, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN, September 2-27 (solo)

- Origins Exhibition, Juried exhibition, Fox Gallery, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA

  (Juror’s Prize) (Catalogue)

-  Sculpture From the U, Invited Group Exhibition, Humanities Fine Arts Gallery, Morris, MN

- Ultimate landscape III, Juried Group Exhibition, Gallery 13, Minneapolis, MN

- Work Books, An Idea Factory. Invited Group Exhibition, Katherine E. Nash Gallery, Regis Art  

  Center, Minneapolis, MN

-13x 24 x18”, Invited Group Exhibition, sponsored by Gallery 13, Raw space on Central and 24th 

 NE, Minneapolis, MN,            

- Paradise and Purgatory, James Ford Bell Library, University of Minnesota, MN                  


- Beijing Film Festival Exhibition, Invited Group Exhibition, Beijing Film Academy, Beijing, China

- Pattern Language, Clothing as Communicator, Invited Group Exhibition, Weisman Museum, MN

- Art Party, Invited Group Exhibition, Northrup King Gallery, Minneapolis, MN                                

- Global Unity IV, Invited Group Exhibition, Sue Jahn Gallery, Minneapolis, MN

- Wicked Matter: Invited Group Exhibition, Larson Art Gallery, St. Paul, MN                          

- 360 Goes Rogue, Invited Group Exhibition, Rogue Buddha Gallery, Minneapolis, MN                                 


- Praxis / Practice Exhibition, Katherine E. Nash Gallery, Minneapolis,           

- Group Exhibition, Invited Group Exhibition, Gallery 360, Minneapolis, MN                         



- Inner Visions, 2 person exhibition, Rogue Buddha Gallery, Minneapolis, MN

- 10 foot show, Juried Exhibition, Amsterdam Whitney Gallery, Chelsea, NYC, New York        

- 10 foot show, Invited Group Exhibition, Gallery 360, Minneapolis, MN                                            



- Animal Farm, Creative Electric Gallery, Minneapolis, MN                                         

- Creatures Build Character, The Fallout Gallery, Minneapolis, MN



- Zion Artist in Residence Program, Zion National Park, Utah, April

- Scuola Internazionale Grafica di Venezia: Merit scholarship, Venice, Italy, Sept October


- Scuola Internazionale Grafica di Venezia: Merit scholarship, Venice, Italy, Sept October